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Managing the IMM2 with IPMI

Use the information in this topic to manage the IMM2 using the Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI).

The IMM2 comes with User ID 1 set initially to a user name of USERID and password of PASSW0RD (with a zero, not the letter O). This user has Supervisor access.
Change this user name and password during your initial configuration for enhanced security.
In a Flex System, a user can configure a Flex System CMM to centrally manage the IMM2 IPMI user accounts. In this circumstance you might not be able to access the IMM2 using the IPMI until the CMM has configured the IPMI User IDs.
The User ID credentials configured by the CMM might be different than the USERID/PASSW0RD combination described above. If no IPMI User IDs have been configured by the CMM, the network port associated with the IPMI protocol will be closed.

The IMM2 also provides the following IPMI remote server management capabilities:

Command-line interfaces
The CLI provides direct access to server-management functions through the IPMI 2.0 protocol. You can use the IPMItool to issue commands to control server power, view server information, and identify the server. For more information about the IPMItool, see Using IPMItool.
Serial over LAN
To manage servers from a remote location, use the IPMItool to establish a Serial over LAN (SOL) connection. For more information about the IPMItool, see Using IPMItool.