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This chapter provides information about basic troubleshooting methods to help you solve problems that might occur while using LXPM V3.

If you cannot diagnose and solve a problem by using the information in this chapter, go to for additional troubleshooting resources. You also can get help and information by telephone through the Customer Support Center. The most up-to-date telephone list for Lenovo Support is always available on the Web site at:

The following table lists typical symptoms you might experience and the suggested actions.

The process for installing an operating system continuously loops.Make more space available on the hard disk drive.
LXPM V3 cannot start the operating system medium.
Do one of the following:
No drive is found in OS Installation > Guided Install > Drive Selection.Ensure that you have configured a RAID adapter for the server in the RAID Setup interface. For instructions on how to configure a RAID adapter, refer to RAID Setup.