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Light path diagnostics

Light path diagnostics is a system of LEDs on various external and internal components of the tray that leads you to the failed component. When an error occurs, LEDs are lit on the front operator panel on the front of the tray, then on the failed component. By viewing the LEDs in a particular order, you can often identify the source of the error.

The following illustration shows the light path diagnostic LEDs for the tray, which are located on the operator information panel.
Figure 1. Operator information panel

Table 1. Light path diagnostics: LED status and actions
1 Power button/LED (green)

Off: No power supply is properly installed, or the LED itself has failed.

Flashing rapidly (4 times per second): The node is turned off and is not ready to be turned on. The power-control button is disabled. This will last approximately 5 to 10 seconds.

Flashing slowly (once per second): The node is turned off and is ready to be turned on. You can press the power-control button to turn on the node.

Lit: The node is turned on.

Press the power button to turn the server on and off manually.
2 System-locator LED (blue)This LED is used as a presence detection LED. You can use Systems Director or Lenovo XClarity Controller to light this LED remotely.Use this LED to locate the solution among other trays visually.
3 System-error LED (amber)LED on: An error has occurred.
  1. Check the system-locator LED and check log LED and follow the instructions.
  2. Check the Lenovo XClarity Controller event log and the system-error log for information about the error.
  3. Save the log if necessary and clear the log afterward.