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Light path diagnostics LEDs

Use this information to diagnose possible errors that are indicated by the light path diagnostics LEDs.

The following table describes the LEDs on the light path diagnostics panel and the light path diagnostics LEDs on the system board.

See Viewing the light path diagnostics LEDs for information about lighting the LEDs.

Additional information about error conditions is in the CMM event log.
Table 1. Light path diagnostics LEDs
Light path diagnostics LEDDescription
Light path diagnosticsThe power source for the light path diagnostics LEDs is charged.
System boardThe system board has failed.
NMIThe system board has failed.
CPU MismatchThe processors are mismatched.
TemperatureThe system temperature has exceeded a threshold level.
MemoryA memory error has occurred.
Storage BP 1A hard disk drive backplane error has occurred.
M.2A M.2 backplane error has occurred.