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Memory module installation rules and order

Memory modules must be installed in a specific order based on the memory configuration that you implement on your server.

Your server has 32 memory slots with 16 channels. For a list of supported memory options, see:

Lenovo ServerProven website

More information about optimizing memory performance and configuring memory is available at the Lenovo Press Web site:

Memory - Lenovo Press

In addition, you can take advantage of a memory configurator, which is available at the following site:

Lenovo Enterprise Solutions Configurator

The following illustration helps you to locate the memory module slots on the system board.
It is recommended to install memory modules with the same rank in each channel.
Figure 1. Memory module slots on the system board
Memory module slots on the system board

Table 1. Memory slot and channel identification
Slot number16151413121110987654321

Memory module installation guideline

  • Two types of configurations are supported. Consider corresponding rules and population sequence accordingly:
  • A label on each DIMM identifies the DIMM type. This information is in the format xxxxx nRxxx PC4-xxxxx-xx-xx-xxx. Where n indicates if the DIMM is single-rank (n=1) or dual-rank (n=2).

  • At least one DIMM is required for each processor. Install at least eight DIMMs per processor for good performance.

  • When you replace a DIMM, the server provides automatic DIMM enablement capability without requiring you to use the Setup utility to enable the new DIMM manually.

  • Always populate DIMMs with the maximum number of ranks in the farthest DIMM slot, followed by the nearest DIMM slot.

  • Do not mix RDIMMs and 3DS RDIMMs in the same server.

  • Mixing 128 GB and 256 GB 3DS RDIMMs is not supported.