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Disassembling the system board for recycle

Follow the instructions in this section to disassemble the system board before recycling.

About this task

Recycle the system board in compliance with local environmental, waste or disposal regulations.


Figure 1. Disassembling the system board

Disassembling the system board


9PH2 screwdriver

5PH1 screwdriver

47 mm wrench

25 mm wrench

111 mm and 16 mm wrench
The screws showed in the illustration are marked in colors for better to distinguish.

  1. Remove the system board from the server (see Remove the system board).
  2. Remove the screws as illustrated and separate the components 1 2* 3 4 5 from the system board.
    The PSU air baffle 2 is available on some models.

After you finish

After disassembling the system board, comply with local regulations when recycling.