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Acoustical noise emissions

These sound levels were measured in controlled acoustical environments according to procedures specified by ISO7779 and are reported in accordance with ISO 9296.

 TypicalStorage richGPU rich
Sound power levels (LWA,m)
Idling6.1 Bel7.4 Bel6.7 Bel
Operating6.3 Bel7.4 Bel8.0 Bel
Sound pressure level (LpA,m) 
Idling43 dBA56 dBA51 dBA
Operating46 dBA56 dBA68 dBA

The declared acoustic noise levels are based on below configurations, which may change depending on configurations and conditions:

Config.TypicalStorage richGPU rich
CPU2 x 155 W1 x 155 W1 x 155 W
Ethernet1 x SFP28 2-port OCP1 x SFP28 2-port OCP1 x SFP28 2-port OCP
PSU2 x 750 W2 x 1100 W2 x 1800 W
RAID930-8i RAID930-16i RAID930-8i RAID
Drive8 x 2.5'' HDD20 x 3.5'' HDD8 x 2.5'' HDD

Government regulations (such as those prescribed by OSHA or European Community Directives) may govern noise level exposure in the workplace and may apply to you and your server installation. The actual sound pressure levels in your installation depend upon a variety of factors, including the number of racks in the installation; the size, materials, and configuration of the room; the noise levels from other equipment; the room ambient temperature, and employee's location in relation to the equipment. Further, compliance with such government regulations depends on a variety of additional factors, including the duration of employees' exposure and whether employees wear hearing protection. Lenovo recommends that you consult with qualified experts in this field to determine whether you are in compliance with the applicable regulations.