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Power supply LEDs

This topic provides information about various power supply LED status and corresponding action suggestions.

The following minimum configuration is required for the server to start:

  • Two processors in socket 1 and 2

  • Two DRAM memory modules in slots 14 and 30

  • Two power supplies in bay 1 and 2

  • One boot drive, M.2, 2.5-inch, 3.5-inch, or EDSFF drive, and RAID adapter if configured. (If OS is needed by debugging)

  • Five system fans

The following table describes the problems that are indicated by various combinations of the power-supply LEDs and the power-on LED on the front operator panel and suggested actions to correct the detected problems.

Each hot-swap power supply has three status LEDs:
Figure 1. 2400W/2600W power supply LEDs
2400W/2600W power supply LEDs
Figure 2. 1800W power supply LEDs
1800W power supply LEDs
1 Input status
The input status LED can be in one of the following states:
  • Off: The power supply is disconnected from the ac power source.

  • Green: The power supply is connected to the ac power source.

2 Output status
The output status LED can be in one of the following states:
  • Off: The server is powered off, or the power supply is not working properly. If the server is powered on but the output status LED is off, replace the power supply.

  • Slow blinking green (about one flash every two seconds): The power supply is in cold redundancy active mode.

  • Fast blinking green (about 2 flashes each second): The power supply is in cold redundancy sleep mode.

  • Green: The server is on and the power supply is working normally.

3 Fault LED
  • Off: The power supply is working normally

  • Amber: The power supply has failed. To resolve the issue, replace the power supply.