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Memory module installation guideline

There are a number of criteria that must be followed when selecting and installing memory modules in your server.

Memory installation requirements:

  • A label on each DIMM identifies the DIMM type. This information is in the format xxxxx nRxxx PC4-xxxxx-xx-xx-xxx. Where n indicates if the DIMM is single-rank (n=1) or dual-rank (n=2).

  • At least one DIMM is required for each processor. Install at least six DIMMs per processor for good performance.

  • The following table includes all the feasible combinations of different types of DIMMs:

    Table 1. DIMM compatibility. Table of DIMM mixing support
  • When you replace a DIMM, the server provides automatic DIMM enablement capability without requiring you to use the Setup utility to enable the new DIMM manually.

  • Mixing x4 and x8 DIMMs in the same channel is allowed.

  • Install DIMMs of the same speed for optimal performance. Otherwise, the BIOS will find and run the lowest speed among all channels.

  • Always populate DIMMs with the maximum number of ranks in the farthest DIMM slot, followed by the nearest DIMM slot.