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Remove a simple-swap drive

Use this information to remove a simple-swap drive.

Before removing a simple-swap drive:
  1. Ensure that you have back up data on your drive, especially if it is part of a RAID array.
    • Before you make changes to drives, drive backplanes, or drive cables, back up all important data that is stored on the drives.

    • Before you remove any component of a RAID array, back up all RAID configuration information.

  2. If the server is installed in a rack, extend the server from the rack.

  3. If the server has the front door installed, open it.

To remove a simple-swap drive, complete the following steps:

  1. Use a screwdriver to turn the handle lock 1 to the unlocked position. Then, the tray handle opens automatically.
    Figure 1. Opening the tray handle of a 3.5-inch simple-swap drive
    Opening the tray handle of a 3.5-inch simple-swap drive

  2. Pull the tray handle and carefully slide the simple-swap drive out of the drive bay.
    Figure 2. 3.5-inch simple-swap drive removal
    3.5-inch simple-swap drive removal

After removing a simple-swap drive:
  1. Install a new drive or install the drive filler to cover the drive bay. See Install a simple-swap drive.

    To ensure that there is adequate system cooling, do not operate the server for more than two minutes without either a drive or a drive filler installed in each bay.
  2. If you are instructed to return the simple-swap drive, follow all packaging instructions and use any packaging materials that are provided.