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Remove the air baffle

Use this information to remove the air baffle.

Before removing the air baffle:
  1. If the server is installed in a rack, extend the server from the rack.

  2. Remove the server cover. See Remove the server cover.

  3. If there is a RAID super capacitor module installed on the air baffle, disconnect the RAID super capacitor module cable first.

To remove the air baffle, complete the following step:

Watch the procedure
  • A video of this procedure is available at YouTube

Lift up the front end of the air baffle until the rear end of the air baffle is disengaged from the chassis. Then, remove the air baffle out of the chassis.
Figure 1. Air baffle removal
Air baffle removal

For proper cooling and airflow, install the air baffle before you turn on the server. Operating the server with the air baffle removed might damage server components.