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Server components

The following illustration shows the major components in the server.

The illustrations in this document might differ slightly from your hardware.

Figure 1. Server components
Server components

1 Server cover 42 Air baffle 4
3 Heat sink 24 Memory module 1
5 Fixed power supply* 26 Hot-swap power supply* 1
7 Chassis of 3.5-inch hard disk drive model with hot-swap power supply* 48 Power distribution board cover* 4
9 Power distribution board* 210 2.5-inch simple-swap hard-disk-drive backplate assembly* 2
11 3.5-inch simple-swap hard-disk-drive backplate assembly* 212 2.5-inch hot-swap hard-disk-drive backplane* 1
13 3.5-inch hot-swap hard-disk-drive backplane* 114 Security bezel 3
15 Chassis of 2.5-inch hard disk drive model with fixed power supply* 416 Optical drive 1
17 3.5-inch hard disk drive filler* 418 3.5-inch hot-swap hard disk drive* 1
19 3.5-inch simple-swap hard disk drive* 120 2.5-inch hot-swap hard disk drive* 1
21 2.5-inch simple-swap hard disk drive* 122 2.5-inch hard disk drive filler (for two hard disk drives)* 3
23 2.5-inch hard disk drive filler (for one hard disk drive)* 124 Front I/O assembly 1
25 System board 226 RAID adapter battery or flash power module holder* 4
27 System fan 128 Microprocessor 2
29 PCI riser-card assembly* 130 RAID card* 1

Blue on a component indicates touch points, where you can grip the component to remove it from or install it in the server, open or close a latch, and so on.

Orange on a component or an orange label on or near a component indicates that the component can be hot-swapped. This means that if the server and operating system support hot-swap capability, you can remove or install the component while the server is running. Orange can also indicate touch points on hot-swap components.

  • * Available on some models

  • 1 Tier 1 customer replaceable unit (CRU): Replacement of Tier 1 CRUs is your responsibility. If Lenovo installs a Tier 1 CRU at your request, you will be charged for the installation.
  • 2 Tier 2 customer replaceable unit (CRU): You may install a Tier 2 CRU yourself or request Lenovo to install it, at no additional charge, under the type of warranty service that is designated for your server.
  • 3 Structural parts: Purchase and replacement of structural parts (such as chassis assembly, cover, and bezel) is your responsibility. If Lenovo acquires or installs a structural part at your request, you will be charged for the service.
  • 4 Consumable parts: Parts that are purchased separately and not covered by the Lenovo Statement of Limited Warranty.

Before servicing a Lenovo product, ensure that you read and understand Safety. Use only parts provided by Lenovo for replacement. For a complete listing of FRU information, such as FRU part numbers and supported server models, go to: