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Setup and configuration overview

ServerGuide setup and configuration overview

When you use the ServerGuide Setup and Installation CD, you do not need setup diskettes. You can use the CD to configure any supported IBM server model. The setup program provides a list of tasks that are required to set up your server model. On a server with a ServeRAID adapter or SAS/SATA controller with RAID capabilities, you can run the SAS RAID configuration program to create logical drives.

Features and functions can vary slightly with different versions of the ServerGuide program.
When you start the ServerGuide Setup and Installation CD, the program prompts you to complete the following tasks:
  • Select your language.
  • Select your keyboard layout and country.
  • View the overview to learn about ServerGuide features.
  • View the readme file to review installation tips for your operating system and adapter.
  • Start the operating-system installation. You will need your operating-system CD.
Before you install a legacy operating system (such as VMware) on a server with an LSI SAS controller, you must first complete the following steps:
  1. Update the device driver for the LSI SAS controller to the latest level.
  2. In the Setup utility, set Legacy Only as the first option in the boot sequence in the Boot Manager menu.
  3. Using the LSI Configuration Utility program, select a boot drive.

For detailed information and instructions, go to VMware ESXi lists hard drives in mixed order with LSI-SAS controller.