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Performing the checkout procedure

Use this information to perform the checkout procedure.

To perform the checkout procedure, complete the following steps:

  1. Is the server part of a cluster?
    • No: Go to step Step 2.
    • Yes: Shut down all failing servers that are related to the cluster. Go to step Step 2.
  2. Complete the following steps:
    1. Check the power supply LEDs (see Power-supply LEDs).
    2. Turn off the server and all external devices.
    3. Check all internal and external devices for compatibility at Lenovo ServerProven website.
    4. Check all cables and power cords.
    5. Set all display controls to the middle positions.
    6. Turn on all external devices.
    7. Turn on the server. If the server does not start, see Troubleshooting tables.
    8. Check the system-error LED on the operator information panel. If it is lit or flashing, check the light path diagnostics LEDs (see Light path diagnostics).
      When you slide the light path diagnostics panel out of the server to check the LEDs or checkpoint codes, do not run the server continuously with light path diagnostics panel outside of the server. The panel should only be outside of the server a short time. The light path diagnostics panel must remain in the server when the server is running to ensure proper cooling.
    9. Check for the following results:
      • Successful completion of POST (see POST for more information)
      • Successful completion of startup