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Server scalability

This topic provides information about scaling from a 4-socket to an 8-socket configuration.

The Lenovo System x3850 X6 and x3950 X6 server uses a direct QPI connection topology through the midplane to scale from a x3850 X6 (4-socket configuration) to a x3950 X6 (8-socket configuration) server. The x3950 X6 is achieved by utilizing the 8-socket chassis, the 8-socket midplane, and the 8-socket shuttle (which comes in the x3950 X6 4-socket to 8-socket Upgrade Kit), in addition to all of components used for the x3850 X6. All components are interchangeable between both the x3850 X6 and the x3950 X6 configurations, except the chassis, mid-planes, shuttle, and the E7-8xxx microprocessors.

The upgrade of the server from a 4-socket to an 8-socket system must be performed by a service technician.

The x3950 X6 has two nodes that have their own resources as independent servers.

The server power is distributed through the server midplane. In the x3950 X6 (8-socket) configuration, the power subsystem is divided into two separate nodes, the top node and the bottom node.
Power is not shared between the top node and the bottom node of the x3950 X6 configuration. Each node must have its own set of power supplies.

For additional information, see FlexNode support and Configuring a multinode system.