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Configuring DDNS

Use the information in this topic to enable or disable Dynamic Domain Name System (DDNS) protocol on the XClarity Controller.

Click Network under BMC Configuration to view or modify XClarity Controller DDNS settings.

Click the Enable DDNS check box, to enable DDNS. When DDNS is enabled, the XClarity Controller notifies a domain name server to change in real time, the active domain name server configuration of the XClarity Controller configured host names, addresses or other information that is stored in the domain name server.

Choose an option from the item list to decide how you want the domain name of the XClarity Controller to be selected.
  • Use custom domain name: You can specify the domain name to which the XClarity Controller belongs.
  • Use domain name obtained from the DHCP server: The domain name to which the XClarity Controller belongs is specified by the DHCP server.