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User authentication method

Use the information in this topic to understand the modes that the XClarity Controller can use to authenticate login attempts.

Click Allow logons from to select how user login attempts are authenticated. You can select one of the following authentication methods:
  • Local only: Users are authenticated by a search of the local user account configured in the XClarity Controller. If there is no match of the user ID and password, access is denied.
  • LDAP only: The XClarity Controller attempts to authenticate the user with credentials kept on an LDAP server. The local user accounts in the XClarity Controller are not searched with this authentication method.
  • Local first, then LDAP: Local authentication is attempted first. If local authentication fails; then, LDAP authentication is attempted.
  • LDAP first, then local user: LDAP authentication is attempted first. If LDAP authentication fails; then, local authentication is attempted.
  • Only locally administered accounts are shared with the IPMI and SNMP interfaces. These interfaces do not support LDAP authentication.
  • IPMI and SNMP users can login using the locally administered accounts when the Allow logons from field is set to LDAP only.