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XClarity Controller Platinum level features

The following is a list of XClarity Controller Platinum level features:

All of the XClarity Controller Standard level features plus:

Event Logs

  • Component Replacement Log


  • Boot Capture
  • Crash Video Capture


  • Syslog

Remote Presence

  • Remote KVM
  • Mounting of local client ISO/IMG files
  • Quality/Bandwidth Control
  • Virtual Console Collaboration (6 users)
  • Virtual Console Chat
  • Video Record/Replay
  • Virtual Media mounting of remote ISO/IMG files http, Samba & NFS
  • Remote Console Java Client

Serial Redirection

  • Serial Redirection via Telnet / SSH


  • Single Sign-On
  • Security Key Lifecycle Manager (SKLM)
  • IP address blocking
  • Enterprise Strict Security mode (CNSA compliant)
  • System Guard

Power Management

  • Power Capping
  • OOB Performance Monitoring — System Performance metrics
  • Real time Power Graphics
  • Historical Power Counters
  • Temperature Graphics

Deployment & Configuration

  • Remote OS Deployment

Firmware Updates

  • Sync with Repository
  • Firmware bundle update
  • Firmware rollback from the local repository in MicroSD card

Other Management Functions

  • Neighbor group management