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Setting up the XClarity Controller network connection through the XClarity Provisioning Manager

Use the information in this topic to set up an XClarity Controller network connection through the XClarity Provisioning Manager.

After you start the server, you can use the XClarity Provisioning Manager to configure the XClarity Controller network connection. The server with the XClarity Controller must be connected to a DHCP server, or the server network must be configured to use the XClarity Controller static IP address. To set up the XClarity Controller network connection through the Setup utility, complete the following steps:

  1. Turn on the server. The ThinkSystem welcome screen is displayed.
    It may take up to 40 seconds after the server is connected to AC power for the power-control button to become active.

    The System x Server Firmware welcome screen
  2. When the prompt <F1> System Setup is displayed, press F1. If you have set both a power-on password and an administrator password, you must type the administrator password to access the XClarity Provisioning Manager.
  3. From the XClarity Provisioning Manager main menu, select UEFI Setup.
  4. On the next screen, select BMC Settings; then, click Network Settings.
  5. There are three XClarity Controller network connection choices in the DHCP Control field:
    • Static IP
    • DHCP Enabled
    • DHCP with Fallback

    Network connection choices
  6. Select one of the network connection choices.
  7. If you choose to use a static IP address, you must specify the IP address, the subnet mask, and the default gateway.
  8. You can also use the Lenovo XClarity Controller Manager to select a dedicated network connection (if your server has a dedicated network port) or a shared XClarity Controller network connection.
    • A dedicated systems-management network port might not be available on your server. If your hardware does not have a dedicated network port, the shared setting is the only XClarity Controller setting available. On the Network Configuration screen, select Dedicated (if applicable) or Shared in the Network Interface Port field.
    • To find the locations of the Ethernet connectors on your server that are used by the XClarity Controller, see the documentation that came with your server.
  9. Click Save.
  10. Exit from the XClarity Provisioning Manager.
  • You must wait approximately 1 minute for changes to take effect before the server firmware is functional again.
  • You can also configure the XClarity Controller network connection through the XClarity Controller web interface or command-line interface (CLI). In the XClarity Controller web interface, network connections can be configured by clicking BMC Configuration from the left navigation panel , and then selecting Network. In the XClarity Controller CLI, network connections are configured using several commands that depend on the configuration of your installation.