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Parts listing, Type 7385

Use this information to locate and identify replaceable components that are available for the Flex System Carrier-Grade chassis.

For an updated parts listing go to Lenovo Data Center Support site and search for system service parts.

The illustrations in this document might differ slightly from your hardware.

Graphic showing the chassis components.
Replaceable components consist of consumable parts, structural parts, field replaceable units (FRUs), and customer replaceable units (CRUs):
  • Consumable parts: Purchase and replacement of consumable parts (components, such as batteries and printer cartridges, that have depletable life) is your responsibility. If Lenovo acquires or installs a consumable component at your request, you will be charged for the service.
  • Structural parts: Purchase and replacement of structural parts (components, such as chassis shell, bay fillers, and bezel) is your responsibility. If Lenovo acquires or installs a structural component at your request, you will be charged for the service.
  • Field replaceable unit (FRU): FRUs must be replaced only by a trained service technician, unless they are classified as customer replaceable units (CRUs).
  • Tier 1 customer replaceable unit (CRU): Replacement of Tier 1 CRUs is your responsibility. If Lenovo installs a Tier 1 CRU at your request without a service contract, you will be charged for the installation.
  • Tier 2 customer replaceable unit: You may install a Tier 2 CRU yourself or request Lenovo to install it, at no additional charge, under the type of warranty service that is designated for your Flex System Carrier-Grade chassis.

For information about the terms of the warranty, see the Warranty Information document that comes with the Flex System Carrier-Grade chassis.

IndexDescriptionCRU part number (Tier 1)CRU part number (Tier 2)FRU part number
2Lenovo Flex System Chassis Management Module00FG678 or 01PF404  
3Fan module, 40 mm81Y2911  
4Fan logic module94Y5805  
7I/O module 1Note 1  
9Shuttle (with card and cable assembly)  00MN100
10LED card, rear  comes with midplane FRU only 00JX989
112500 W 48 V power supply, 48 to 60 V dc, 2 position power connector 294Y8265 or 94Y8296  
112500 W power supply00YJ931 or 00YJ910  
112500 W power supply, 200 - 240 V ac, C20 connector 294Y8303, 94Y8307, 69Y5890 or 94Y8251  
112500 W power supply,00MX939 or 00MX920  
12Midplane and rear LED card  00JX989 or 00MP727
13Fan distribution card  81Y2980
15Fan module, 80 mm81Y2910  
16LED card, front  81Y2901
 Battery, 3.0 V (Chassis Management Module)33F8354  
 Chassis cable kit, includes the following cables:
  • Cable, rear LED card to front LED card
  • Cable, 40 mm fan module to fan distribution card
  • Cable, fan logic module to fan distribution card
 Console breakout cable81Y5287  
 Damper, node bay 81Y2904 
 Nameplate (includes chassis nameplate and front information panel label)00MN090  
 Serial cable, mini USB to RJ45 (FC9340)90Y9340  
 Serial cable, mini USB to DB9 (FC0510)43X0510  
 Cable, KVM module VGA00AK143  
 Cable, 1.5 m passive DAC SFP+00AY762  
 Cable, 2 m passive DAC SFP+00AY763  
 Cable, 7 m passive DAC SFP+00D6150  
 Cable, 0.5 m passive DAC SFP+00D6289  
 Cable, 1m Passive DAC SFP+ Cable90Y9426  
 Cable, 3m Passive DAC SFP+ Cable90Y9429  
 Cable, 5m Passive DAC SFP+ Cable90Y9432  
 Cable, 1m LC-LC Fiber39M5699  
 Cable, 5m LC-LC Fiber39M5700  
 Cable, 25m LC-LC Fiber39M5701  
 Cable, 0.6m blue Cat5e40K8966  
 Cable, 1.5m blue Cat5e40K8967  
 Cable, 3m blue Cat5e40K8968  
 Cable, 10m blue Cat5e40K8969  
 Cable, 25m blue Cat5e40K8970  
 Cable, 0.6m yellow Cat5e40K8971  
 Cable, 1.5m yellow Cat5e40K8972  
 Cable, 3m yellow Cat5e40K8973  
 Cable, 10m yellow Cat5e40K8974  
 Cable, 25m yellow Cat5e40K8975  
 Cable, 0.6m green Cat5e40K8976  
 Cable, 1.5m green Cat5e40K8977  
 Cable, 3m green Cat5e40K8978  
 Cable, 10m green Cat5e40K8979  
 Cable, 25m green Cat5e40K8980  
 Cable, 10m black Cat5e41Y9303  
 Power cord, 4.3m, 16A/208 V, C19 to NEMA L6-20P (US)39M5279  
 Power cord, 2m, 16A/100-250 V, C19 to IEC 320-C20 Rack Power39M5388  
 Power cord, 2.5m, 16A/100-240 V, C19 to IEC 320-C20 Rack Power39M5389  
 Power cord, 4.3m, US/CAN, NEMA L15-30P - (3P+Gnd) to 3X IEC 320 C1969Y1612  
 Power cord, 4.3m, EMEA/AP, IEC 309 32A (3P+N+Gnd) to 3X IEC 320 C1969Y1614  
 Power cord, 4.3m, A/NZ, (PDL/Clipsal) 32A (3P+N+Gnd) to 3X IEC 320 C1969Y1616  
 Transceiver module, 10GBASE-SR Short range46C3449  
 Transceiver module, 10GbE 850 nm fiber SFP+ Ethernet46C9249  
 Transceiver module, 1000BASE-SX SFP81Y1624  
 Transceiver module, 10 GB 1310 nm long wave SFP90Y9411  
 Transceiver module, 1000BASE-LX 10 KM SFP90Y9423  
 Switch module, 16 GB ESB SAN Scalable88Y6377  
 Switch module, 8 GB ESB SAN Scalable88Y6419  
 Switch module, 16 GB ESB SAN Scalable90Y9359  
  1. See the Lenovo ServerProven website for a list of the I/O modules that are compatible with the Flex System Carrier-Grade chassis.
  2. Do not mix different types of power supplies. Each chassis must contain either all dc-powered supplies or all ac-powered supplies.

Consumable and structural parts

Consumable and structural parts are not covered by the Statement of Limited Warranty.

IndexDescriptionPart number
1Chassis shell (without shuttle)00FG027
5Filler, CMM81Y2898
6Filler, power supply81Y2896
8Filler, I/O module81Y2897
14Filler, 80 mm fan module81Y2899
171U filter retainer with filter00MN096
181U bezel00MN092
19Airborne contaminant filter assembly (10U filter bezel with filter retainer and mounting brackets)00MN095
 Dust filter replacement pack (includes four 10U filters and four 1U filters)43W9057
 Chassis shelf (required for 1-bay nodes)81Y2905
 Filler, node bay81Y2895
 Lift handle kit (includes 4 chassis lift handles)81Y2902
 Miscellaneous parts kit81Y2903
 Rail kit88Y6721
 Support brackets (includes chassis mounting hardware)00FG036
 Torx 1/4" drive handle9900712
 Torx bit set93F2830