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Monitor and video problems

Use this information to solve problems related to a monitor or video.

Screen is blank

Make sure that the expected boot mode has not been changed from the UEFI to Legacy or vice versa.
  1. If the server is attached to a KVM switch, bypass the KVM switch to eliminate it as a possible cause of the problem: connect the monitor cable directly to the correct connector on the rear of the server.

  2. The management controller remote presence function is disabled if you install an optional video adapter. To use the management controller remote presence function, remove the optional video adapter.

  3. If the server is installed with the graphical adapters while turning on the server, the Lenovo logo is displayed on the screen after approximately 3 minutes. This is normal operation while the system loads.

  4. Make sure that:

    • The server is turned on and there is power supplied to the server.

    • The monitor cables are connected correctly.

    • The monitor is turned on and the brightness and contrast controls are adjusted correctly.

  5. Make sure that the correct server is controlling the monitor, if applicable.

  6. Make sure that corrupted server firmware is not affecting the video; see Update the firmware.

  7. Observe the LEDs on the system board (system board assembly); if the codes are changing, go to step 6.

  8. Replace the following components one at a time, in the order shown, restarting the server each time:

    1. Monitor

    2. Video adapter (if one is installed)

    3. (Trained technician only) System board.

Screen goes blank when you start some application programs

  1. Make sure that:

    • The application program is not setting a display mode that is higher than the capability of the monitor.

    • You installed the necessary device drivers for the application.

The monitor has screen jitter, or the screen image is wavy, unreadable, rolling, or distorted

  1. If the monitor self-tests show that the monitor is working correctly, consider the location of the monitor. Magnetic fields around other devices (such as transformers, appliances, fluorescents, and other monitors) can cause screen jitter or wavy, unreadable, rolling, or distorted screen images. If this happens, turn off the monitor.


    Moving a color monitor while it is turned on might cause screen discoloration.

    Move the device and the monitor at least 305 mm (12 in.) apart, and turn on the monitor.

    1. To prevent diskette drive read/write errors, make sure that the distance between the monitor and any external diskette drive is at least 76 mm (3 in.).

    2. Non-Lenovo monitor cables might cause unpredictable problems.

  2. Reseat the monitor cable.

  3. Replace the components listed in step 2 one at a time, in the order shown, restarting the server each time:

    1. Monitor cable

    2. Video adapter (if one is installed)

    3. Monitor

    4. (Trained technician only) System board (system board assembly).