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Replacing the filter media

If your Flex System Enterprise Chassis is equipped with the optional airborne contaminant filter assembly, use these instructions to remove and replace the dust filter. You can replace the dust filter while the chassis is powered on.

The airborne contaminant filter is a consumable part. It is not covered under the terms of the warranty. Use Table 1 as a guide to help you determine when to replace the filter media in the filter assembly.
Table 1. Suggested inspection and replacement intervals
EnvironmentVisually inspect and cleanReplace filter
Low dust, low foot traffic3 months6 months
Moderate dust, moderate foot traffic6 weeks3 months
Heavy dust, heavy foot traffic2 weeks1 month
The Chassis Management Module web interface supports an air filter reminder that sends an event message to the CMM event log when the filter media needs to be replaced. See Setting the chassis air filter reminder for more information.

Complete the following steps to replace the airborne contaminant filter media in the low-profile or extended-profile configuration:

  1. Push down on the slide latches on both sides of the filter assembly.
  2. Rotate the filter assembly down and remove the hooks from the slots.
  3. Turn the blue filter retainer clips to the open position and remove the filter retainer and filter.

    Graphic showing how to remove the dust filter
  4. Discard the old filter and place a new filter on the filter assembly.
  5. Place the bottom of the filter retainer behind the alignment features on the bottom of the filter bezel.
  6. Rotate the filter retainer onto the filter and close the blue filter retainer clips by rotating them down to secure the filter retainer to the filter assembly bezel.

    Graphic showing how to install the dust filter