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Remove a compute node from the enclosure

Use this information to remove a compute node from the DA240 Enclosure.

About this task

To avoid possible danger, read and follow the following safety statement.
  • S002
    disconnect all power
    The power-control button on the device and the power switch on the power supply do not turn off the electrical current supplied to the device. The device also might have more than one power cord. To remove all electrical current from the device, ensure that all power cords are disconnected from the power source.
Read the Installation Guidelines to ensure that you work safely.


Figure 1. Compute node removal
Compute node removal

  1. Turn off the corresponding compute node on which you are going to perform the task.
  2. Remove the compute node from the enclosure.
    1. Release and rotate the front handle on the compute node as shown in the illustration.
    2. Slide the compute node out about 10 inches (25.4 cm); then, grip the node with both hands and carefully pull it out of the enclosure.
    • When you remove the compute node, note the node bay number. Reinstalling a compute node into a different node bay from the one it was removed from could lead to unintended consequences. Certain configuration information and update options are established based on respective node bay numbers. If you reinstall the compute node into a different node bay, you might have to reconfigure the compute node.

    • Install either a node bay filler or another compute node in the node bay within one minute.

    • To maintain proper system cooling, do not operate the DA240 Enclosure without a compute node or node bay filler installed in each node bay.

After you finish

If you are instructed to return the component or optional device, follow all of the packaging instructions, and use any packaging materials for shipping that are supplied to you.

Demo video

Watch the procedure on YouTube