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Install a DWC tray in the enclosure

Use this information to install a DWC tray in the enclosure.

About this task

disconnect all power
The power-control button on the device and the power switch on the power supply do not turn off the electrical current supplied to the device. The device also might have more than one power cord. To remove all electrical current from the device, ensure that all power cords are disconnected from the power source.


Figure 1. DWC tray installation
DWC tray installation

  1. Select the tray bay.
    • To maintain proper system cooling, do not operate the ThinkSystem DW612 Neptune DWC Enclosure Type 7D1L without a DWC tray or tray bay filler installed in each tray bay.

    • If you are reinstalling a DWC tray that you removed, you must install it in the same tray bay from which you removed it. Some DWC tray configuration information and update options are established according to tray bay number. Reinstalling a DWC tray into a different tray bay can have unintended consequences. If you reinstall the DWC tray into a different tray bay, you might have to reconfigure the DWC nodes in the tray.
  2. Make sure that the front cam handles on the DWC tray are in the open position.
  3. Insert the DWC tray into the tray bay until it stops.
  4. Rotate the front cam handles on the front of the DWC tray to the closed position to secure the tray in the enclosure.
    After the DWC tray is installed, the XCC in the DWC tray initializes. This process takes approximately 110 seconds. The power LED flashes rapidly, and the power button on the DWC tray does not respond until this process is complete.
  5. Connect all required external cables to the enclosure.
    Use extra forces to connect QSFP cables to the enclosure if Mellanox ConnectX-6 adapters are installed.
  6. Press the power buttons to turn on both nodes in the DWC tray.
  7. Make sure that the power LED on the node control panel is lit continuously, indicating that the each node is receiving power and is turned on.
  8. If you have other trays to install, do so now.

    If this is the initial installation of the DWC tray in the enclosure, you must configure the DWC tray through the Setup utility and install the DWC tray operating system.

    If you have changed the configuration of the DWC tray or if you are installing a different DWC tray from the one that you removed, you must configure the DWC tray through the Setup utility, and you might have to install the DWC tray operating system.