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Install the enclosure midplane

(Trained service technician only) Use this information to install the enclosure midplane.

About this task

disconnect all power
The power-control button on the device and the power switch on the power supply do not turn off the electrical current supplied to the device. The device also might have more than one power cord. To remove all electrical current from the device, ensure that all power cords are disconnected from the power source.


  1. Connect the two fan cables to the enclosure and route the cables through cable clips.
    Figure 1. Fan cable installation
    Fan cable installation
  2. Install the midplane.
    1. ❶ Carefully align the enclosure midplane with the guide pins in the enclosure; then, slide the midplane into the enclosure.
      Do not grasp the connectors on the enclosure midplane when you install it in the enclosure. Touching the connectors might damage the connector pins.
    2. ❷ Fasten two screws on the top of the midplane.
    3. ❸ Connect the fan cables to the midplane.
      Figure 2. Enclosure midplane installation
      Enclosure midplane installation
  3. Install the top cover.
    1. ❶ Insert the rear top cover tabs into the slot on the enclosure; then, rotate the top cover inwards.
    2. ❷ Tighten the three captive screws on the top cover.
      Figure 3. Top cover inward rotation
      Top cover inward rotation

After you finish

Reassemble the enclosure and program the vital product data (VPD) that is stored on the card. Complete the following steps:

Three trained technicians are required to complete the enclosure installation/removal task.
  • Two technicians must hold the front and rear handles at both sides of the enclosure.

  • One technician must protect the cables from damage.

  1. Carefully put the enclosure into the rack and slide the enclosure until rear handles are near front rack rails; then, remove rear handles at both sides.

    Figure 4. Rear handle removal
    Rear handle removal
  2. Slide the enclosure farther into the rack until front handles are near front rack rails; then, remove front handles at both sides.

    Figure 5. Front handle removal
    Front handle removal
  3. Side the enclosure all the way back to the rack.

    Figure 6. Sliding the rack
    Sliding the rack
  4. Secure the enclosure to the rack with six screws; then, reinstall the EIA covers.

    Figure 7. EIA cover installation
    EIA cover installation
  5. Reinstall eight screws to secure two support brackets on the rear enclosure.
    Figure 8. Support bracket installation
    Support bracket installation
  6. Reinstall eight screws (using the screwdriver contained in the manifold repair kit) to secure two manifolds.

    Figure 9. Manifold screw locations
    Manifold screw locations
    Table 1. Manifold screw locations
    1 Screws2 Manifold
  7. Reinstall all power supplies back to the enclosure.

    Figure 10. Power supply installation
    Power supply installation
  8. Reinstall the blank filler.
    Figure 11. Blank filler installation
    Blank filler installation
  9. Reinstall the SMM2 support bracket and the SMM2.

    Figure 12. SMM2 support bracket installation
    SMM2 support bracket installation
    Figure 13. SMM2 installation
    SMM2 installation

    Reinstall manifold retention brackets that are retaining the manifolds (top enclosure position only).

    Figure 14. Retention bracket installation
    Retention bracket installation

    Align the drip sensor assembly with the enclosure and slide it into place.

    Figure 15. Drip sensor assembly installation
    Drip sensor assembly installation
  10. Reinstall all EMC shields.

    Figure 16. EMC shields installation
    EMC shields installation
    Figure 17. EMC shields installation
    EMC shields installation
  11. Reinstall the components that you removed from the rear of the enclosure.
  12. Connect any cables that you disconnected from the modules in the rear of the enclosure.
  13. Connect the enclosure to power.
  14. Write down new enclosure midplane serial number (for example: Y030UN34B063) and UUID (for example: 2E2B686CC6B311E2907C6EAE8B16A49E).
  15. Update the solution firmware to the latest level.
  16. Log in to the web interface.
  17. Go to System Information section, click on the Midplane VPD tab.
  18. Update the new enclosure midplane serial number and UUID onto the fan and power controller.
  19. Close the release handles on the tray in order to seat the nodes in the enclosure midplane connectors.
  20. Restart any nodes that you shut down. See the documentation that comes with the compute node for detailed instructions.
  21. The fan and power controller is powered-on automatically.

Demo video

Watch the procedure on YouTube