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Power on nodes

When a tray is plugged into the enclosure, each node performs a short self-test (power LED flashes quickly - 4 times per second). Once the self test is completed successfully, the node enters a standby state (power LED flashes slowly - once per a second).

disconnect all power
The power-control button on the device and the power switch on the power supply do not turn off the electrical current supplied to the device. The device also might have more than one power cord. To remove all electrical current from the device, ensure that all power cords are disconnected from the power source.
Each node can be turned-on (power LED on) in any of the following ways:
  • You can press the power button.

  • The node can restart automatically after a power interruption.

  • The node can respond to remote power-on requests sent to the Lenovo XClarity Controller.

For information about powering off nodes, see Power off nodes.