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Front view

The following illustration shows the controls, LEDs, and connectors on the front of the solution.


The illustrations in this document might differ slightly from your hardware.

The enclosure supports up to six trays.

The following illustration shows six trays installed in the enclosure.

The slot numbers are indicated on both sides of the enclosure.

Figure 1. Enclosure


The following illustrations show the controls, LEDs, and connectors on the front of each tray.
Figure 2. Tray
Table 1. Tray indicators, controls, and connectors
1 Left node (odd bay numbers)6 Identification LED
2 Right node (even bay numbers)7 Power button/LED
3 Dedicated LAN RJ45 port for Lenovo XClarity Controller access8 Ethernet RJ45 port with share-NIC feature to access Lenovo XClarity Controller
4 USB 3.0 connector9 KVM breakout cable connector
5 System error LED10 Tray label