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Mechanical specifications

Summary of the mechanical specifications of solution. Depending on the model, some features might not be available, or some specifications might not apply.

  • SD665 V3 tray contains two nodes; one left node and one right node (when viewed from front of enclosure). Both are compute nodes.

  • Up to six SD665 V3 trays can be installed in the DW612S 6U enclosure.

  • Height: 41.0 mm (1.61 inches)
  • Depth: 684 mm (26.92 inches)
  • Width: 437.5 mm (17.22 inches)
SD665 V3 Tray:
  • Weight estimation: 21 kg (46.3 lbs)

  • DW612S enclosure with six SD665 V3 trays and three DWC PSU: approximately 173.7 kg (382.9 lbs)