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Backup the Self Encryption Drive Authentication Key (SED AK)

After setting up the ThinkSystem SE350 with Security Pack or making changes to the configuration, backing up the Self Encryption Drive Authentication Key (SED AK) is a must operation to prevent data loss in the hardware failure case.

SED Authentication Key (AK) Manager

Find SED Authentication Key (AK) Manager in Lenovo XClarity Controller to change, backup, or recover the SED AK of the server. See XCC for more information.

Change the SED AK

  • Generate SED AK from Passphrase: Set the password and reenter it for the confirmation. Click Re-generate to get the new SED AK.

  • Generate a Random SED AK: Click Re-generate to get a Random SED AK.

    If System Lockdown Mode is enabled, generating SED AK function is not available.

Backup the SED AK

Set the password and re-enter it for the confirmation. Click Start Backup to back the SED AK; then, download the SED AK file and store it safely for future use.

If you use the backup SED AK file to restore a configuration, the system will ask for the password that you set here.

Recover the SED AK

  • Recover SED AK using Passphrase: Use the password that set in Generate SED AK from Passphrase mode to recover the SED AK.

  • Recover SED AK from Backup file: Upload the backup file generated in Backup the SED AK mode and enter the corresponding backup file password to recover the SED AK.