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Top view

This section contains the components visible from the top of the server.

Figure 1. Top view
Top view
Depending on the model, your server might look slightly different from the illustration.
Table 1. Components visible from the top view
1 Fan 19 Processor
2 Fan 210 Processor air baffle
3 Rear operator panel11 Air flow sensor board (on the bottom side of processor air baffle) (Optional)
4 Power input board (PIB) module12 Top intrusion switch
5 DC power module board (DC PMB) or internal power supply unit (AC PMB)13 Processor side SMA assembly or SMA filler
6 DIMM slot 3 and 414 PMB side SMA assembly or SMA filler
7 Front operator panel15 Wireless adapter (Optional)
8 DIMM slot 1 and 2