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Install the front bezel

Use this information to install the front bezel.

About this task

Several different types of front bezel can be installed in the compute node: all are removed and installed in a similar manner. The front bezel shown in the illustrations might differ slightly from the front bezel installed in your compute node.


Install the front bezel.
  1. Tilt the front bezel and hook its bottom and up clips to the holes on the front panel.
  2. Rotate the front bezel toward the front panel. Press the front bezel firmly until it clicks into place.
Figure 1. Front bezel installation
Front bezel installation
After you finish
  1. Reinstall the hot-swap drives or drive bay fillers. See the following section that matches your compute node configuration for instructions.


    When pushing the EDSFF drives into the drive bay, touch only the EDSFF drive handle and carefully avoid touching other parts of the EDSFF drive. Touching parts of the EDSFF drive other than its handle when installed may cause damages to the drive.

  2. Reinstall the compute node back to the chassis. See Install the compute node in chassis.

  3. Power on the compute node. See Power on the compute node.

Demo video

Watch the procedure on YouTube