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Persistent Memory (PMEM) setup

Follow the instructions in this section to complete required setup before installing Persistent Memory (PMEM) for the first time, determine the most suitable configuration, and install memory modules accordingly.

Complete the following steps to finish system setup to support PMEMs, and install the memory modules according to the designated combination.

  1. Update the system firmware to the latest version that supports PMEMs. See Update the firmware.

  2. Refer to PMEM and DRAM DIMM installation order to determine the PMEM combination and check the compatibility of the installed processors.

  3. Make sure to meet all the following requirements before installing PMEMs.

    • All the PMEMs that are installed must have the same part number.

    • All the DRAM memory modules that are installed must have the same type, rank, and capacity with minimum capacity of 16 GB. It is recommended to use Lenovo DRAM memory module of the same part number.

  4. Replace the processors if necessary. See Processor and heat sink replacement.

  5. Remove all the memory modules that are installed. See Remove a memory module.

  6. Follow the slot combination in PMEM and DRAM DIMM installation order to install all the PMems and DRAM memory modules. See Install a memory module.

  7. Check and update the PMem firmware to make sure all PMem units are at the latest level. See Updating firmware on managed devices with LXCA.

  • When adding more PMEMs to the existing configuration, make sure to update all the PMEM firmware to the latest level.

  • The system currently supports only Memory Mode and App Direct mode with PMEM. Any operation that changes the system to other modes with PMEM could cause data lost or damage in certain circumstances.