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Install the bezel

Use this information to install the bezel.

Before you install the bezel, read the safety information and guidelines to ensure that you work safely.
Several different types of bezel can be installed in the compute node: all are removed and installed in a similar manner. The bezel shown in the illustrations might differ slightly from the bezel installed in your compute node.

To install the bezel, complete the following steps:

Figure 1. Bezel installation
Bezel installation

  1. Position the bezel on the front of the compute node.
  2. Hook the bottom edge of the bezel on the front of the compute node; then, rotate the top of the bezel toward the compute node.
  3. Press the bezel securely against the compute node to snap it in place.
    Make sure that the bezel is pressed flat against the chassis. Lifting up slightly on the top edge of the bezel as you press it might make it easier to seat the clips.
  4. Install any removed storage drives or hard disk drive bay fillers (see Install a 2.5-inch hot-swap drive ).
  5. Close the front handle.