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  • Up to two AMD® EPYCTM 7002 or 7003 series CPUs

  • Scalable up to 64 cores per socket, 128 cores in total

  • 7nm process technologies

  • Designed for Land Grid Array (LGA) 4094 (SP3) socket

  • Supports 3200 MHz DDR4 frequency

  • TDP ratings up to 280 watts

  • For the system to support 7203, 7203P, 7303, 7303P, 7643P, and 7663P processors, the minimum UEFI version is d8e132g-3.10, and the minimum XCC version is d8bt54m-5.00.

  • 7002 series CPU and 7003 series CPU cannot be mixed within a server.

  • CPUs with a P suffix (for example 7232P) are single-socket capable only.

  • Check CPU, heat sink, and fan combinations for selecting the correct heat sinks and fans under different CPU and hardware configurations.

  • For a list of supported processors, see Lenovo ServerProven website.

7002 series CPUs

ModelCore/threadsBase Freq.Default TDPGroup
7232P8/163.1 GHz120 WC
72528/163.1 GHz120 W
727212/242.9 GHz120 W
728216/322.8 GHz120 W
72628/163.2 GHz155 WB
730216/323.0 GHz155 W
7302P16/323.0 GHz155 W
735224/482.3 GHz155 W
745232/642.35 GHz155 W
7F328/163.7 GHz180 WA
740224/482.8 GHz180 W
7402P24/482.8 GHz180 W
750232/642.5 GHz180 W
7502P32/642.5 GHz180 W
753232/642.4 GHz200 W
755248/962.2 GHz200 W
770264/1282.0 GHz200 W
7702P64/1282.0 GHz200 W
754232/642.9 GHz225 WD
764248/962.3 GHz225 W
774264/1282.25 GHz225 W
766264/1282.0 GHz225 W
7F7224/483.2 GHz240 W
7F5216/323.5GHz240 W
7H1264/1282.6 GHz280 WZ

7003 series CPUs

ModelCore/threadsBase Freq.Default TDPGroup
72038/162.8 GHz120 WC
7203P8/162.8 GHz120 W
730316/322.4 GHz130 W
7303P16/322.4 GHz130 W
731316/323.0 GHz155 WB
7313P16/323.0 GHz155 W
72F38/163.7 GHz180 WD
741324/482.65 GHz180 W
734316/323.2 GHz190 W
744324/482.85 GHz200 W
7443P24/482.85 GHz200 W
751332/642.6 GHz200 W
7643P48/962.3 GHz225 W
7663P56/1122.0 GHz240 W
745328/562.8 GHz225 WA
754332/642.8 GHz225 W
7543P32/642.8 GHz225 W
764348/962.3 GHz225 W
766356/1122.3 GHz225 W
771364/1282.0 GHz225 W
7713P64/1282.0 GHz225 W
73F316/323.5 GHz240 W
74F324/483.2 GHz240 W
75F332/642.95 GHz280 WZ
776364/1282.45 GHz280 W
7473X24/482.8 GHz240 W
7373X16/323.05 GHz240 W
7773X64/1282.2 GHz280 WX
7573X32/642.8 GHz280 W