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Power supplies

The server supports up to two power supplies for redundancy.

The server does not support setting the redundancy mode manually. The BMC of the server can automatically set it based on the installed power supply unit quantity.
  • When only 1 power supply unit is installed, the power policy is set to Non-redundant mode.

  • When 2 power supply units are installed, the redundancy mode is set to Redundant N+N. If one of the power supply units fails or has been removed, the BMC will report an event and set the redundancy mode to Non-redundant mode automatically.

Power supply100–127 V ac200–240 V ac240 V dc (Chinese Mainland only)-48 V dc
500-watt 80 PLUS Platinum 
750-watt 80 PLUS Platinum 
750-watt 80 PLUS Titanium  
1100-watt 80 PLUS Platinum 
1100-watt 80 PLUS Platinum   
1100-watt 80 PLUS Titanium  
1800-watt 80 PLUS Platinum  
  • Use Lenovo Capacity Planner to calculate the required power capacity for what is configured for your server. More information about Lenovo Capacity Planner is available at: Lenovo Capacity Planner website

  • Ensure that the power supply units that you are installing are supported. For a list of supported power supply units for the server, go to: Lenovo ServerProven website

  • 240 V dc input (input range: 180-300 V dc) is supported in Chinese Mainland ONLY.