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Light path diagnostics

Light path diagnostics is a system of LEDs on various external and internal components of the server that leads you to the failed component. By viewing the LEDs in a particular order, you can often identify the source of the error.

Information of failed components is often available on the LCD diagnostics panel.

Location of the LCD diagnostics panel


The LCD diagnostics panel is attached to the front of the server.

LCD diagnostics panel attached to the front of the server


1 The handle with which the panel can be pulled out from the server.

  • The panel can be pushed in or pulled out regardless of the system power status.

  • When pulling it out, do it gently to avoid damage.

Display panel overview

The diagnostics device consists of an LCD display and 5 navigation buttons.

Display panel controls with identifying callouts

1 LCD display
2 Scroll buttons (up/down/left/right)

Press the scroll buttons to locate and select system information.

3 Select button

Press the select button to select from the options in the menu.

Option flow diagram

Depending on the model, the options and entries on the LCD display might be different.

Display panel option flow