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Four-socket upgradable / storage rich

This configuration allows a simple upgrade to eight-socket configurations in the future, while supports up to 24 drives and ten rear PCIe slots.

The four-socket upgradable / storage rich configurations only supports four processors with the following requirements/capabilities:

  • Only 8100 series processors are supported, and they must be configured in a ring topology.
  • The upper compute tray is installed in the upper tray slot.
  • All 12 fans are required to be installed.
  • Up to 24 drives are supported.
This configuration allows a simple upgrade to 8-socket ones. See Eight-socket storage rich for details about 8-socket configurations.

This configuration comes with four processors, requires at least two 1100/1600-watt PSUs, and supports up to:

  • 48 memory modules.
  • Ten rear PCIe slots.

See the following tables for the location of the supported components.

Table 1. Location of the four processors and 48 supported memory module slots (viewed from the front)

Not populated

Not populated

 CPU 5 and DIMM 49-60CPU 6 and DIMM 61-72 

Not populated

Not populated

 CPU 1 and DIMM 1-12CPU 2 and DIMM 13-24 
Table 2. Location of the ten supported PCIe slots (viewed from the rear)
 PCIe 3 (P6)PCIe 12
PCIe 4 (P6)PCIe 13
  PCIe 5PCIe 6PCIe 7PCIe 8(ML2)PCIe 9(LOM) PCIe 17