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Power on the server

The server can be turned on (power LED on) in any of the following ways:
  • Press the power button. Before the operating system starts running, you can press Enter to enter Startup Interrupt Menu. In this menu, a few options are available for various purposes:

    • Press Esc to resume to normal startup.
    • Press F1 to enter the Setup Utility.
    • Press F10 to diagnose hardware.
    • Press F12 to choose a temporary startup device.
    • Press Ctrl + P to enter the Management Engine setup screen or initiate a remote connection.
    • Press Enter to pause.
  • The server can restart automatically after a power interruption.

If the boot screen lingers with the message of “System Security - The system has been tempered with,” it means the server cover is not properly installed. Remove and reinstall it (see Server cover replacement); then, restart the server.

For information about powering off the server, see Power off the server.