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Resolving suspected Ethernet controller problems

The method that you use to test the Ethernet controller depends on which operating system you are using. See the operating-system documentation for information about Ethernet controllers, and see the Ethernet controller device-driver readme file.

Complete the following steps to try to resolve suspected problems with the Ethernet controller.

  1. Make sure that the correct device drivers which come with the server are installed, and that they are at the latest level.
  2. Make sure that the Ethernet cable is installed correctly.
    • The cable must be securely attached at all connections. If the cable is attached but the problem remains, try a different cable.
    • If you set the Ethernet controller to operate at 100 Mbps or 1000 Mbps, you must use Category 5 cabling.
  3. Determine whether the hub supports auto-negotiation. If it does not, try configuring the integrated Ethernet controller manually to match the speed and duplex mode of the hub.
  4. Check the Ethernet controller LEDs on the rear panel of the server. These LEDs indicate whether there is a problem with the connector, cable, or hub.
    • The Ethernet link status LED is lit when the Ethernet controller receives a link pulse from the hub. If the LED is off, there might be a defective connector or cable or a problem with the hub.
    • The Ethernet transmit/receive activity LED is lit when the Ethernet controller sends or receives data over the Ethernet network. If the Ethernet transmit/receive activity is off, make sure that the hub and network are operating and that the correct device drivers are installed.
  5. Check for operating-system-specific causes of the problem, and also make sure that the operating system drivers are installed correctly.
  6. Make sure that the device drivers on the client and server are using the same protocol.
If the Ethernet controller still cannot connect to the network, but the hardware appears to be working, the network administrator must investigate other possible causes of the error.