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Product management and changes

Because of the complexity of ThinkAgile SXM Series solutions, extra caution and planning should be exercised before making certain changes.

High impact changes

The following changes (or lack of adherence) can significantly impact the functionality of the solution.

  • Changing the point-to-point cabling from the initial configuration.

  • Changing any firmware, software, or operating system (including CNOS, ENOS and Cumulus Linux) to levels outside the Best Recipe.

    See Firmware maintenance and Best Recipe for more information.

  • Changing the IPv4 network scheme, such as addresses and subnets.

  • Changing the IPv4 addresses for servers or switches.

  • Updating the management stack outside of the recommended levels.

  • Resetting the IMM, XCC or UEFI to the initial manufacturing defaults.

  • Resetting a network switch to its initial configuration.