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Completing the installation

Use this information to complete the installation.

To complete the installation, complete the following steps:

  1. If you removed any air baffles, reinstall them (see Installing the microprocessor 2 air baffle and Installing the DIMM air baffle).
  2. If you removed the cover, replace it (see Installing the cover).
  3. Install the server in the rack cabinet (see the Rack Installation Instructions that come with the server for instructions).
  4. Reconnect the cables and power cords (see Connecting the cables).
  5. Update the server configuration (see Updating the server configuration).
  6. Slide the server back into the rack, if necessary.
  7. Start the server. Confirm that it starts correctly and recognizes the newly installed devices, and make sure that no error LEDs are lit.
  8. (IBM Business Partners only) Complete the additional steps in Instructions for IBM Business Partners.