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smtp command

Use this command to display and configure settings for the SMTP interface.

Running the smtp command with no options displays all SMTP interface information. The following table shows the arguments for the options.

Table 1. smtp command.

The following table is a multi-row three column table consisting of the options, option descriptions, and associated values for the options.

-authSMTP authentication supportenabled, disabled
-authepwSMTP authentication encrypted passwordValid password string
-authmdSMTP authentication methodCRAM-MD5, LOGIN
-authnSMTP authentication user nameString (limited to 256 characters)
-authpwSMTP authentication passwordString (limited to 256 characters)
-pnSMTP port numberValid port number
-sSMTP server IP address or host nameValid IP address or host name (63 character limit)
smtp [options]
-auth enabled|disabled
-authepw password
-authmd CRAM-MD5|LOGIN
-authn username
-authpw password
-s ip_address_or_hostname
-pn port_number
system> smtp
-pn 25