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Viewing the system status

Use the information in this topic to understand the menu selections and choices on the System Status page.

The System Status page provides an overview of the operating status of the IMM2 server. This page also displays the hardware health of the server and any active events occurring on the server.
If you access another page from the System Status page, you can return to the System Status page by clicking System Status from the menu items at the top of the page.

You can add a descriptive name to the IMM2 to assist you in identifying one IMM2 from another. Click the Add System Descriptive Name... link located below the server product name to designate a name to associate with the IMM2, (as shown in the following illustration).

system name

In the Change System Descriptive Name window, specify a name to associate with the IMM2 (as shown in the following illustration).

change system descriptive name

You can rename the System Descriptive Name by clicking the Rename... link that is located next to the System Descriptive Name.

The following illustration shows the Rename link.

rename link

The System Status page displays the server power state and operating state. The status displayed is the server state at the time the System Status page is opened.

The following illustration shows the Power and System state fields.

system status

The server can be in one of the system states listed in the following table.
Table 1. System state descriptions.

Two column table with headers documenting the system states of the server.

System power off/State unknownThe server is powered off.
System on/starting UEFIThe server is powered on; but, UEFI is not running.
System running in UEFIThe server is powered on and UEFI is running.
System stopped in UEFIThe server is powered on; UEFI has detected a problem and has stopped running.
Booting operating system or in unsupported operating systemThe server might be in this state for one of the following reasons:
  • The operating system loader has started; but, the operating system is not running
  • The IMM2 Ethernet over USB interface is disabled.
  • The operating system does not have the drivers loaded that support the Ethernet over USB interface.
operating system bootedThe server operating system is running.
Suspend to RAMThe server has been placed in standby or sleep state.
System Running in SetupThe server is powered on and UEFI has booted into F1 setup menu

The System Status page will display a message when an error or warning condition occurs, as seen in the following illustration.

wrong fan module message

In this example, when the GPU card is installed without a correct fan installed, the system status page will show one of the following warning messages to warn you that the GPU card may not be able to run at 100% functionality.
  • “Wrong fan module installed, GPU card may run at reduced performance.”
  • “Unknown fan module status”
The following menu choices on the System Status page provide additional server information and actions that can be performed on the server.