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Licenses and the free 90-day trial

Lenovo XClarity Administrator offers a free, 90-day trial license that enables full use of all available features for a limited time.

You can determine the license status, including the number of days are left in the trial license, by clicking the user-actions menu (Resources icon) on the XClarity Administrator title bar, and then clicking About.

XClarity Administrator supports the following license.
  • Lenovo XClarity Pro. Each license provides the following entitlements for a single device.
    • Service and support for Lenovo XClarity Integrator

    • Service and support for XClarity Administrator

    • Advanced functions within XClarity Administrator:

      • Configuring servers using Configuration Patterns

      • Deploying operating systems

      • Reporting XClarity Administrator problems using Call Home (Call Home for hardware alerts is not affected.)

You must purchase a license for each managed device that supports the advanced functions. A license is not tied to a specific device.

License compliance is determined based on the number of managed devices that support the advanced functions. The number of managed devices must not exceed the total number of licenses in all active license keys. If XClarity Administrator is not in compliance with the installed licenses (for example, if licenses expire or if managing additional devices exceeds the total number of active licenses), you have a grace period of 90 days to install appropriate licenses. Each time XClarity Administrator becomes non-compliant, the grace period resets to 90 days. If the grace period (including the free trial) ends before licenses are compliant, advanced functions are disabled for all devices.

  • Server configuration and operating-system deployment features are disabled when the grace period expires.

  • Call Home for XClarity Administrator issues (software Call Home feature) is disabled when licenses are out of compliance. There is no grace period for this feature. However, Call Home for hardware alerts is not affected.

If licenses are already installed, new licenses are not required when upgrading to a new release of XClarity Administrator.

For information about purchasing Lenovo XClarity Pro licenses, contact your Lenovo representative or authorized business partner.

For information about installing the license, see Installing the full-function enablement license.