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Record management

Settings that have instances can be part of a record. A record is a group of settings that have dependencies on each other. For example, a user ID and a password are dependent on each other. A user ID must have a password and a password must have a user ID. Therefore, they are grouped in the same record.

Each record has a setting that is defined as the record key. It represents the primary setting for a record.

Settings that are part of a record are marked as:
  • recordKey, if the setting is the record key, or
  • recordKey=key_name, if the setting is part of a record but is not the key

Use the showvalues command with the --instances parameter to determine if a setting is part of a record. To see examples of the showvalues output for settings that are part of a record, see showvalues command.

All of the settings in a record are created or deleted as a group. To create an instance of a record, users must first perform a set on the key setting of that record. This automatically creates an instance and sets it to the default value for all of the other settings in that record. For more information about creating or deleting a setting instance, see Creating and deleting instances and set command.