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createuuid command

Use the createuuid command to generate and set the Universally Unique Identifier.

createuuid command syntax

OneCli.exe config createuuid <uuidsetting> [<options>]
Table 1. createuuid command specific parameters
uuidsettingRequiredThe setting name is:



--kcsOptionalForce to use IPMI over KCS local interface.
  • --bmc, -b

  • --bmc-rest-port, -p

  • --bmc-password, -w

  • --bmc-username, -u

  • --check-trust, -C

  • --config

  • --node

  • --nolog

  • --never-check-trust, -N

  • --output, -o


Refer to Table 2.

The value of the uuid created by the createuuid command depends on the time slot and the system information. Therefore, each time running the command, users will get different setting values.

Example of the creatuuid command

OneCli.exe config createuuid SYSTEM_PROD_DATA.SysInfoUUID --bmc userid:password@host

Example of the UUID value got from createuuid command

The uuid for SYSTEM_PROD_DATA.SysInfoUUID value is 80b958fb5671b70127e57a51e2e00994