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delete command

Use the delete command to delete an instance of a setting.

delete command syntax

OneCli.exe config delete <setting_instance> [<options>]
Table 1. delete command specific parameters
setting_instanceRequiredA unique value is required for this parameter.
--kcsOptionalForce to use IPMI over KCS local interface.
  • --bmc, -b

  • --bmc-rest-port, -p

  • --bmc-password, -w

  • --bmc-username, -u

  • --check-trust, -C

  • --config

  • --node

  • --nolog

  • --never-check-trust, -N

  • --output, -o


Refer to Table 2.

The delete command is used only for a setting instance. It does not work for a normal setting.

Example of the delete command

OneCli.exe config delete imm.loginid.6 --bmc userid:password@host