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loaddefault command

Use the loaddefault command to load the default values of one or more settings.

loaddefault command syntax

OneCli.exe config loaddefault [command option] [<options>]
Table 1. loaddefault command specific parameters
command optionOptional
Default value.
Displays all of the supported settings.
group name
Displays the settings that belong to a group name, such as IMM, UEFI, and so on.
setting name
The setting name value.

Specify the settings group name not be loaded to default.

The valid values include: login_settings, network_settings, and login_network_settings.

--kcsOptionalForce to use IPMI over KCS local interface.
--postOptionalThis parameter is only for UEFI settings. By using this parameter, users can load default settings in the same way as using the Post Load Default Settings function in UEFI (F1) menu. The changed settings take effect after restarting host server.
  • --bmc, -b

  • --bmc-cim-port, -p

  • --bmc-password, -w

  • --bmc-username, -u

  • --check-trust, -C

  • --config

  • --node

  • --nolog

  • --never-check-trust, -N

  • --output, -o


Refer to Table 2.

Example of the loaddefault command

In the normal mode:

onecli.exe config loaddefault BootModes.SystemBootMode

In the post load setup (default as UEFI menu):

onecli.exe config loaddefault UEFI --post