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PCIe expansion node components

This section includes the components that come with the PCIe expansion node.

PCIe expansion node has to be installed to a compute node before being installed into the enclosure. See Compute-expansion node assembly replacement for detailed installation procedure and requirements.
Figure 1. PCIe expansion node components
PCIe expansion node components
Table 1. Parts list, PCIe expansion node
IndexDescriptionTier 1 CRUTier 2 CRUFRUStructural

For more information about ordering the parts shown in PCIe expansion node components:

Node parts list

It is highly recommended that you check the power summary data for your server using Lenovo Capacity Planner before purchasing any new parts.

1PCIe expansion node   
2Cable bracket   
3Risers, front and rear   
4PCIe adapter
  1. This component is not included in the PCIe expansion node option kit.

  2. The illustration might differ slightly from your hardware.

5Rear cable cover   
6PCIe expansion node power board   
7PCIe#1-A cable   
8PCIe#2-B cable   
9PCIe#3-A cable   
10PCIe#4-B cable