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Compute node components

This section includes the components that come with the compute node.

Figure 1. Compute node components
Compute node components
Table 1. Parts list, compute node
IndexDescriptionTier 1 CRUTier 2 CRUFRUConsumable and Structural part

For more information about ordering the parts shown in compute node components:

Node parts list

It is highly recommended that you check the power summary data for your server using Lenovo Capacity Planner before purchasing any new parts.

1PCIe adapter   
2Air baffle   
3Processor and heat sink assembly (85mm heat sink)   
4Processor and heat sink assembly (108mm heat sink)   
5Processor and heat sink assembly (108mm heat sink)   
6Processor and heat sink assembly (T-shaped heat sink)   
7Trusted Cryptographic Module   
8CMOS battery (CR2032)   
9M.2 backplane   
10M.2 retainer clip   
12DC Persistent Memory Module (DCPMM)   
132.5-inch drive bay blank (for empty bays next to the backplane)   
142.5-inch drive bay blank panel (for drive bays on the backplane)   
152.5-inch hot-swap drive   
16Compute node tray   
17KVM breakout module   
182.5-inch 6-drive hot-swap SAS/SATA backplane   
192.5-inch 6-drive hot-swap SAS/SATA/NVMe backplane   
202.5-inch 4-drive hot-swap SAS/SATA backplane   
212.5-inch 4-drive hot-swap NVMe backplane   
22Compute node cover